Welcome in first episode of Photographer’s Mind Health Care Tips (P.M.H.C.T).

Hello! Welcome in first episode of Photographer’s Mind Health Care Tips (P.M.H.C.T. – I know it’s too long name, i will reduce it in closest future ;) ). Hope you’re doing great and have a lot of energy today :) It’s Monday and it’s a perfect day to plan your first DO NOTHING weekend.

#1 technique – DO NOTHING

Picture of few philosophy book autors that everyone should read.
Few philosophy book autors that everyone should read.

Working with vernissage absorb so much time and realized me how important the rest is. Today I wanted to share with you how important is to DO NOTHING in our lifes. Yes, it’s correct. To DO NOTHING? But… But? But how? I’m answering.

We’re so busy nowadays. We seat long hours in offices and working overtime, still thinking that we must do this and to do  that. We take second job. We forget about our creativity, relations, our health, our mind & body. Finally we forget why we do what we do. When did you ask yourself last time “why I do what you I do?”. You know that your brain works all the time, even if you sleep. But did you know that every day you have 70 000 thoughts? Did you know that human brain consists of about one billion neurons? Did you know that your brain’s memory storage capacity is around 2.5 petabytes? When awake, the human brain produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb. That wonderful organ has really really hard work to do each day – this is the main reason why it’s so important to DO NOTHING!

Picture shows Kacpi playing tennis.
Playing tennis – only if you want…

And here’s why you have to DO NOTHING. I prefer use this technique once per month but You can do that more often. Second technique is UNDERWEAR DAY but we will talk about it next time ;) It’s really simple, you throughout your phone through the window at Friday, and wait until Monday to buy another one. Ok, I’m  joking. Best way to do that is turn of your cellphone for 2 days. You’ll see that wonderful things are above to happen then. The reason for that is our brain is working all the time. It has to get rest! Last time when I did that I compose 3 new songs, finished reading a book, ate well, finally had time to watch Forrest Gump and charged the batteries for few weeks.

Picture of some nice, calming and energetic music.
Some nice, calming and energetic music. But you chose which one you need

In practice it looks that way: relaxing, eating your favorite snacks, reading, talking with no one, listening to favorite music, playing tennis (only if you want), playing instruments and ask yourself “why you do what you do?”. If there’s less technology it works better. I turned off cell phone fot that weekend.

Picture shows photographer playing the guitar.
How do you relax when playing?

Please look at this pictures and share with me what is your favorite technique to do NOTHING, rest and finally charge your batteries.


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