Love Affair with Milano

Picture shows Duomo basilica and Martini chocolate ice creams
Duomo basilica and Martini cholocate ice creams :)

Guided by new philosophical trend called „I don’t give a fuck” I decided to take few days off and visit interesting city. I was considering:  – In which city I would feel good? What was my favorite epoque? The answer was: – Renaissance. Why? – Because in renaissance for the first time they found that the man has a lot of talents and should develop on many levels. There also lived and worked most creative man in human history – Leonardo da Vinci. I choose – Milano! I’m coming!

Picture shows Eve Piazza Castello, Milano
Eve Piazza Castello, Milano

But what to do for just three days in Milano? How will I know this great city? Does it even has any sense? The city, which has 1000 years of history in only three days? Nonsense! Only thing I can do is fall in passionate affair with this city…

Picture show one of many temples
There are many beautiful temples
Picture shows Lady with the dog
Lady with the dog

It began uncomfortably. Flying into turbulence, in Bergamo greeted me heavy rain. After reaching the Grande Stazione Milano, I had  to reach the hostel. The expedition led through the winding and “no name” streets. Hostel with graceful name Music Hostel, had only one thing common with the music – MUSICIAN LIFSTYLE. I could heard all the time couples making sex behind the wall. It was fun to look at those sleepy faces at breakfast.

Coming back from breakfast, Music Hostel intrigued me. I found that each of the three floors has image of characteristic Milano place for 100 years ago. Why not do the same photos after 100 years? – Thank you to Music Hostel! God bless You! And your “musicians” too ;)

Many people in Milano use rental bicycles

Following this path I went first to the station and buy the Milano Card (it costs 13 EUR). Since now on, I could easily travel around the city by public transport. I went to local market to take a little inventory and take some pictures. My attention went to section of cheeses and cold cuts.

Picture shows cheeses and cold cuts
Cheeses and cold cuts

Grande Stazione Centrale is impressive. For a moment, recall the view of the Western Railway Station in Warsaw, probably the most disgusting station in the world. – No comment. I thought.

Picture shows Grande Stazione Centrale
Grande Stazione Centrale

Milano main railway station itself was interesting subject for photos. I said to myself. – I can’t wait to see what will be next.

Picture shows Grande Stazione Centrale
Grande Stazione Centrale

I got to the subway and after a while I was at the Napoleon square. As you know Milan is capital of the world fashion, so I decided to see Emporio Armani salon. It turned out that it wasn’t only salon, but the café-bookstore-hotel-salon-room. Very interesting place. People staying there are true essence of happy lifestyle.

Picture shows Emporio Armani Caffe
Emporio Armani Caffe

Walking along the Via Giuseppe Verdi I got to one of the oldest theaters in Europe – the La Scala theater. Here I took the first shot for “Music Hostel triptych”.

Picture shows Teatro alla Scala
Teatro alla Scala – 1 for 3 picture for triptych

Take a break. Fires one Djarum. I take a few more pictures. I turn around, and my eyes see Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – One of the most exclusive galleries in the world.

Picture shows Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

You will not find there shops other than Louis Viton, Chanel and Yves Rocher. Most surprising was the sight of police officers in uniforms designed by Prada.

Picture shows Police officers in Prada suits
Police officers in Prada suits

I quite Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II…

Picture shows Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II exit
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II exit

and then appears basilica Duomo…

Picture shows basilica Duomo
Basilica Duomo, most known place in Milano

I take one picture and walk into the Duomo.

Picture shows Columns in Duomo
Columns in Duomo

I really like these tall columns and colorful stained glass windows.

Picture shows Colorful window glasses in Duomo
Colorful window glasses in Duomo

I’m going out and get the subway. Took a funny picture guy on the stairs to the Metro. Guy takes a photo of Duomo by smartphone, but different from everyone else. Look, he took good perspective, he is creative, he is learning.  Good!

Duomo station visitor

I get out on Cordusio station, go across the street and get to Costello.

Picture shows Cordusio station
Cordusio station

I hear Polish voices, pass a triumphal arch, looking for a grocery store, but…

Picture shows Triumphal arch in Milano
Triumphal arch in Milano

I think within five miles are the same exclusive restaurants. Tired of searching, walked into a typical Italian PUB. It surprises me with its form. Few people sitting at the tables, other  just standing with a glass of red wine at the bar, talking and eating snacks – olives, vegetables, cheese, small pieces of pizza or chips. What is interesting in the price of a glass of wine is already included snacks. I started a chat with the people at the bar. Everyone speaks English very well. They are gently and pleasant. I found that I have new friends – Bruna, Stefano and Mateo and everyone was very nice :)

Picture shows Mateo, Rux, Bruna and me
Mateo, Rux, Bruna and me

The next day began with a concert in the subway. Traveling to Grange n Vigli, to waggon entered  band with the instruments. Do not believe what they played. Bachata! Yes, that brilliant dance.

Picture shows Subway band
Subway band

I dropped into the cup a few euros and then take some shoots. People in the wagon start smile. I got out at the station SAMBROGIO.

Picture shows Grande n Vigli
Grande n Vigli

To my surprise n Vigli, wasn’t Grande. I’ve learned that this season turns into a small stream. I go kilometer father still asking people for directions. In the end, I found a 2 of 3 places for my triptych.

Picture shows Church of Santa Cristiano
2 for 3 picture for triptych – Church of Santa Cristiano

The photo shows the Church of Santa Cristiano. I can not be sure because I received contradictory information from many people.

Picture shows bridge on Grande n Vigli
Bridge on Grande n Vigli

It was time for a well-deserved beer. The restaurant has a wonderful climate. Since the aura is conducive to sitting at a table outside.

Picture shows character drawned by light
Sun light drawing countour
Picture shows bicycle

After a short respawn, went to the museum of Leonardo da Vinci.

Picture shows Leonardo da Vinci sign
Leonardo da Vinci sign

Italians are masters of public relations :D I highly respect the achievements of Leonardo, but I don’t think humankind couldn’t exist without Leonardo ;)

Picture shows Globe in Leonardo da Vinci museum
Globe in Leonardo da Vinci museum

I achieved my main goal – visit Leonardo museum ;)

Picture shows Leonardo da Vinci exposition
Leonardo da Vinci exposition

It was time for the third and final picture for my  triptych – Basilica of St. Ambrogio. That place hasn’t changed for all this years. Only bicycles came. Triptych is ready :)

Picture shows Basilica of St. Ambrogio
Basilica of St. Ambrogio

In the evening we went to a meeting with Bruna and Sfefano.

Picture shows Stefano and his niece
Stefano and his niece. I think she was frightened. But don’t know why. Was is the camera or me?

In the PUB dogs are welcome!

Picture shows Cute restaurant customer - dog
Cute restaurant customer

What an interesting idea. Now I know that the pub without a dog is not pub. It is a peculiar aspect of „nothingness” and „belonging to no one”. After a long discussion Bruna said: – You’re talking like my housband. He was an artist like you. He was a painter. Maby you guys want come my house and see his painting? We could  eat Italian spaghetti and drink some nice red wine? – Why not? – I said. The apartment looks amazing. It has warm interior. Everywhere I see old items. Gentle warm light outlined more secrets. You could feel the artistic spirit of this place. We went to the kitchen, where Bruna in less than 10 minutes has prepared a great spaghetti. Olive oil, garlic, dried chili pepper (with seeds), anchovies, spices, fresh tomatoes and bottarga. It’s all you need to prepare a delicious Italian spaghetti. We sat in the living room. I opened the bottle of wine. We started to discuss about art, politics, the economy, food. On all  walls hung Brunas husband  – Giuseppe Mallai – paintings.

Picture shows Giuseppe Malai catalogue
Giuseppe Malai catalogue

Giuseppe – painter “globetrotter” Giuseppe Mallai was born in Bonarcado, in the province of Oristano: moving from his native Sardinia before he moved to London, where he took his artistic formation, and then toured Europe, always looking for new experiences. The style of Giuseppe, repeatedly approached the historical currents as Surrealism or Metaphysics, succeeds, though it draws from them to drift away.

Picture shows Giuseppe Malai catalogue
Giuseppe Malai catalogue

As the same Mallai said, his painting, „is closely linked to the knowledge of art history that is running away from a spontaneous and instinctive, immediate.” In Mallai everything is real. The size, anatomy, flowers, fruits, tools, flooring. Everything is apparently true if it were not for the magic/fantasy that involves every element, from colors, transparencies, and the presence of symbolic elements of a personal experience of the artist. He was a painter and a musician. He was a friend of the Diego del Gastor, with whom he played flamenco on guitar. You can his artworks here: l greet You and wish you best luck Bruna!

Third and final day of stay in Milan came. Sometimes it happens that sun appears last day. It was that time. Once again, I went to the Duomo to “say goodbye”. But in a slightly different style. I decided to eat chocolate ice cream with a view of the basilica and take a smartphone picture. It was greatest chocolate ice cream in my life. It tastes so great because it had taste of adventure.

Picture shows chocolate ice creams and basilica Duomo
Best chocolate ice creams ever

Once again, I walked next to La Scala and the Emporio-Armani salon. I went the last time to the same pub in n Vigli to write down everything that happened in Milan. The sun was going down and the beer tasted like never before.  My affair with Milan is over.

Picture shows notepad and bear
Writing… with the cold bear

It was a moment of reflection and summaries. For a moment I sank to my notebook. Write about Music Hostel, Emporio-Armani salon, La Scala, pub, watching painting and conversation in the Brunas apartment.

Picture shows Shadows

You know, this trip confirmed my belief that the philosophy of „I do not give a fuck” is the best philosophy in the world. Using that technique I spent only 15 minutes to plan my departure place and only 2 minutes to plan trip (thanks to Music Hostel). I’ve been open mind. I heard, felt, seen, wonderful people I met. It has a lot to do with photographer lifestyle, don’t  you think?

Last look on basilica Duomo

Below you can tak a look at “Music Hostel triptych”. Unfortunately we were unable to take identical images because city was under construction.

Picture shows Teatro alla Scala - 1 for 3 picture for triptych - before
Teatro alla Scala – 1 for 3 picture for triptych – before
Picture shows Teatro alla Scala - 1 for 3 picture for triptych - after
Teatro alla Scala – 1 for 3 picture for triptych – after
Picture shows Church of Santa Cristiano - 2 for 3 picture for triptych - before
Church of Santa Cristiano – 2 for 3 picture for triptych – before
Picture shows Church of Santa Cristiano - 2 for 3 picture for triptych - after
Church of Santa Cristiano – 2 for 3 picture for triptych – after
Picture shows Basilica of St. Ambrogio - 3 for 3 picture for tiptyh - before
Basilica of St. Ambrogio – 3 for 3 picture for tiptyh – before
Picture shows Basilica of St. Ambrogio - 3 for 3 picture for tiptyh - before
Basilica of St. Ambrogio – 3 for 3 picture for tiptyh – after

Please, share your comments and idea for photographers lifestyle ;)

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