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Hey Guys! Finally it comes :) I present you The Concierge Photography – The new way to make you the heroes of your life!

It’s funny how things apparently goes in our life. If somone would tell me: Kacper, it will looks that way! I would never believe it. Furthermore somone told me it will looks like that and I didn’t believe it – thanks David ;) There’s too many proofs that live takes care of us, lead us, and shows us the opportunities. We have to be patient and open minded. I photography helps with that. I love photography :)

You have to see that!

We live in the best times we’ve ever lieved. There are so many possibilities. We can be who we want to be. We create dreamed career, we have many activities and opportunities to help other people than ever.  It’s completly fine, but we shouldn’t forget about important things in our lives – family and loved ones. Time is going faster and faster. Especially when we do what we love. New photography service Concierge Photography is an answer for that problem. It’s about documenting your live and it works in 2 ways:

Emil Różewski preparing to training
Emil Różewski – „I don’t give a fuck”

1) When your order Concierge Photography Service you can call me any time – if you have occasion or not. You can use it on big events like family birthdays, graduating, wedding and smaller ones – when you want spent time with your family and have great souvenir for the rest of your life.

2) Document from one day of your life – Since begining to the end. With everything in it’s natural way.

Have you read post about Emil Różewski – professional MMA fighter? If not you can read it here. Emil is that guy who trully „doesn’t give a fu*k”, trains few months to come in to fighting cage to kick someones ass and to be the master of himself. But…

Picture shows Mrs. Barbara at the office
Mrs. Barbara at the office

He has a lovely mother. Mrs. Basia is a smart, full of smile, loving life woman who (beside worrying about his fightining in cages son) represent local society beside authorities.

Picture shows Emil visit card at Ms. Barbara office
Emil visit card at Ms. Barbara office

She always remember about his son. She always has a Emil photo or visit card. When someone asks: Who is that guy? She proudly responds: This is my lovely son – Emil. 

Picture shows Ms. Barbara working
Ms. Barbara working

Represeting local residents is really hard work…

Picture shows clock and Emil
Clock and Emil

But she has something that helps her in hard time – funny sign at the office „Stop! Only Ms. Basia opinion counts„. Funny idea ;)

Picture shows sign called "Stop! Only Mrs. Basia opinion counts"
Stop! Only Mrs. Basia opinion counts

Mrs. Basia creates a wonderful atmosphere around her. Her office colleague Mrs. Elizabeth confirmed that ;)

Picture shows Mrs. Barbara, Emil and Mrs. Elizabeth
Mrs. Barbara, Emil and Mrs. Elizabeth

We went to local park. As you can see Emil and Mrs. Basia had to stop using their smartphones. I told you something about how world goes faster! ;)

Picture shows Emil and Mrs. Basia using smartphones
Emil and Mrs. Basia using smartphones

But after few minutes we get back to our „work” ;)

Picture shows Emil and Mrs. Basia
Emil and Mrs. Basia

Mrs. Basia like every mother started to carry about his baby…

Picture shows Mrs. Basia carries too much about Emil ;)
Mrs. Basia carries too much about Emil ;)

even if he is 25 years old ;)

Picture shows Finally photo of Emil and Mrs. Basia
Finally photo

But finally we took that picture :)

"Look how it goes"
„Look how it goes”

Picture shows enthusiastic sense of humor of Emil and Mrs. Basia

Picture shows beautiful smiles
Beautiful smiles

Local parks is always good idea. It’s close. Seek and you shall find ;)

Picture shows Mrs. Basia and Emil seating on the stairs
Mrs. Basia and Emil seating on the stairs

It’s cool souvenir, isn’t it? Imagine that Mrs. Basia and Emil will look at this photographs after 10, 20, and 30 years. Can you imagine how much fun will they have?

Picture shows Beautiful souvenir
Beautiful souvenir
Picture shows beautiful portrait
Beautiful portrait

What do you see when you look at this picture? I see truly loving mother, proud from his son and full of happines young man and fighter starting to be the best version of himself. They influence at each other. They could exist without themselves but in team they are much much stronger ;)

Picture shows Mrs. Basia portrait
Mrs. Basia portrait

Concierge Photography it’s also opportunity to make portrait photography you’ve always put away for future. That beautifull portrait we made after park session :)

Picture shows Emil posing for photo session
Emil posing for photo session

Later we make a photography session for Emil advertising materials. You can see the result here.
I think that Concierge Photography is a great solution for people who truly enjoy life and follow their dreamed life. It’s a great souvenir in our fast going times ;)

What do you think? :) Please share!

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