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Concierge Photography – New service


Hey Guys! Finally it comes :) I present you The Concierge Photography – The new way to make you the heroes of your life!

It’s funny how things apparently goes in our life. If somone would tell me: Kacper, it will looks that way! I would never believe it. Furthermore somone told me it will looks like that and I didn’t believe it – thanks David ;) There’s too many proofs that live takes care of us, lead us, and shows us the opportunities. We have to be patient and open minded. I photography helps with that. I love photography :)

You have to see that!

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Actress Portfolio – Dorothy Krempa

Kacper Sarama_Dorota Krempa_Portrait & Artistic Studio-12

It’s beautiful summer and perfect time for take photos for Actress Portfolio. That  time I decided to help Dorothy in her actors career. Doroty is a young, smart and beautiful woman who likes plays role of other people and characters in theater and movies. First of all I decided to use 16×9 crop for horizontal pictures

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